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Basic models

In this category you find unicycles, that in spite of being the least expensive, are surely of good quality


We advice the 20" model which is the perfect size for beginners (50 cm wheel size), if you are small or below 8 years, we recommend the 16" model. If you are very tall (190 cm or more) you may consider the 24" model with cranks of 150 mm.

If you are below 7 years and taller than 185 mm, you can choose the size you prefer :)


Children or small people may feel more comfortable with the 16" model, because is lighter than the 20" and easier to handle.

The length of the cranks is always very important, too long or too short cranks may always cause troubles with balance and management of the unicycles.

To learn how to ride with a 20", the length of the cranks must be between 110mm and 125mm; between 90mm and 100mm, if you ride a 16", and between 125mm and 150mm (recommended) if you have a 24".

Unicycles with round crown frame have been almost entirely replaced by flat crown frame models. But choose the one you like most !

The choice of the tyre is very important. By changing the tyre you will immediately change your feeling towards your unicycle. Also the agility and reaction of your unicycle will be relevantly different.


A good tyre, even on a basic model, makes the difference, remember!!!

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