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Mad4One PowerSquare Flat frame

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Mad4One PowerSquare Flat frame


This is a frame  "all purpose", designed for Flat, however ideal also for Trial, thanks to its stiffness and reliability.
It is a MUST for the Riders who want to widen their trick repertoire in Flatland.

As said above, this PowerSquared frame is perfect for Trial, too, however, do not forget to wear your shin guards!


  • Highest DURABILITY thanks to better fatigue strength and corrosion resistance of the NEW ALUMINIUM AA6069-T6, together with the THREE-LAYER REINFORCEMENT of the frame-core
  • Rock-solid grip under pressure and easy glide-off after pressure release thanks to the MAD Hole-Grip-System 

Material NEW Aluminium AA6069-T6
Size: 20-inch (406mm)
Frame: square (flat)
Seat tube length: 210, 270, 330 mm

Reinforced seat-tube (three-layer reinforcement of the frame-core)
Inside diameter seat tube:  27.2mm (= Seat post diameter)
Outside diameter seat tube:  31.8mm (= Clamp inside diameter )
Bearing pitch:  100mm (center - center)
Max. Tire thickness: 20 x 2.50 and 19 x 2.60

Anodization: Made in Italy- in our 13 different colors 
Diameter Bearing holder:  42mm (= Bearing outside diameter)
Weight (g.)

Seat tube 210mm -  668g (incl. Bearing holders and bolts)
Seat tube 270mm -  703g (incl. Bearing holders and bolts)
Seat tube 330mm -  738g (incl. Bearing holders and bolts)


Have you in mind to replace the frame of your unicycle with a Mad4One?
If you have in mind to replace the frame of your unicycle with a Mad4One frame, in most cases you have also to change the seat-post and the clamp.
With our two
Upgrade Kits, this is not necessary.
  • If your unicycle has ø  25.4mm seat-tube (i.e. QuAx, QX, Nimbus, Ajata, Agravic, etc.), you should order the 25.4 Upgrade Kit
    This KIT consists of :
    1 frame support adapter (ø 25.4) + 1 clamp (ø 31.8)
    All this for only 5,00 euros.
  • If your unicycle has a ø 22.2mm seat-tube (i.e. Nimbus X, Ajata StandUp, no brand...), you should need the 22.2 Upgrade Kit
    This KIT consists of:
    1 frame support adapter (ø 25.4) + 1 clamp (ø 31.8) + 1 seat-post (ø 25.4x200).
    All this for only 10,00 euros.


KIT 25.4          


KIT 22.2


Strengths of this frame
Designed and developed by Mad4One for FLAT, however perfect also for Trial.

It is a MUST for the Riders who want to widen their trick repertoire in Flatland.
Light, however stiff and strong, the RIGHT CHOICE for a LONG-LASTING FRAME.

Seatpost 27.2 and vertical tube 31.8 make this frame much more rigid than the ones with smaller diameters. 

The legs of the frame are slightly curved to make the frame angle safer.

The most critical point of the unicycle frames is the junction between seat tube and crown. The MAD frame has a triple butted reinforcement seat-tube that makes it one of the strongest. 

The MAD frame offers a larger flat crown and perfect round edges.

The crown has two "false holes" made of solid,  which offer a rock-solid-grip under foot pressure.

As regards the 3 seat-tube lengths:
210mm: designed for the smallest .... who
are getting better and better and wish/must have the BEST frame.
270mm: is the standard length, the same of the round 
330mm is ideal the tallest.


Leg length: 

  • Ideal for: intermediate level
  • Price range: from 150 to eur 249
  • Frame: ALU square
  • Seatpost diameter: 27,2

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