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Unicycle for Freestyle 20" - IRON MAD - EXPERT

Starting at: 309.00EUR Inc VAT (for EU-countries)
253.28EUR Ex VAT (for NON- EU-countries)

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​                                                    more info about the Iron Mad Project


                      Designed for  FREESTYLE,  ideal for  X-STYLE



406mm, 20"


Ideal for:
Races in Freestyle and X-Style
Thanks to its great stiffness and solidity it is ideal also for X-Style. You have simply to mount the MADapter.
Available colours:
Light Grey
Available variants:
Scheda tecnica
Frame length:
diameter 25.4mm
length: 200mm
Seatpost clamp:
2 bolted
colour black. With no surcharge you can ask for a coloured seatpost clamp. You can choose among the 13 colours made in Italy and confirm your choise in your order.
Mad4One Slim Saddle,white k
for more info: SADDLE MAD
single wall construction
width 32 mm
spoke holes: 36
colour black. or silver If you wish a colored rim, please go to the site RIMS, choose the colour and confirm it putting a note in your order. This personalisation has a surcharge.
ISIS Mad4one Tecno 100mm
​for more info: HUB MAD-TECNO
CROSS-OVER interlacing of the spokes.
DURO Performer 20x1.95, colour: white or 20" Mad4One Freestyle Tire
for more info:  DURO PERFORMER,
20" Mad4One Freestyle Tire
Mad4One Tecno ISIS
for more info: MAD-TECNO
If you want to use it also for X-Style let's mount the MADapter. We deliver them in black. If you want a different  colour, please choose it among the 6 colours you find HERE and confirm your choise in your order. No surcharge for the colour  change.
GRIP-Freestyle 417 Pedal or ASTRA-810 Pedal
4.725 gr.
Leg length:
The frame is made out of CrMo steel 4130, called "Chromoly". Chromoly is much stronger than the most commonly used "Hi Ten".
As regards the FRAME: we have paid the utmost attention to the SHAPE. We have applied all the technical details we implemented in the development of the Mad4One Alu Frame.
  • The most critical point in the unicycle frames is the junction between the seat tube and the crown. IRON MAD has a "one-piece", double butted reinforcement seat-tube (see drwg. below), that makes it one of the strongest CrMo unicycle frames on the market.
  • The flat crown is excellent for foot placement during one-foot and stand-up tricks. It is also wide enough to limit the painful sensations and has two drilled holes machined from solid, that offer great anti-slip sealing, when the foot presses on the frame.
  • Thanks to the rounded edges of the crown, the foot, that controls the wheel and manages the gesture, can move freely and without restriction.


IRON MAD is available in a range of standard frame lengths, but we can also custom cut a frame to the size of your choosing.  If you require a specific length frame, please just ask and we will be happy to sort you out with your very own custom fit frame.
The Cross-Over Interlacing of the spokes provides great solidity and robustness to the entire WHEEL-system.
​The Hub is the ISIS Mad4One Tecno. The Cranks are the MAD-TECNO.
If you mount the MADapter this unicycle is perfect also for X-Style, thanks to its great stiffness and solidity.
As regards the pedals we mount theMKS, a high quality freestyle and race pedal for in- and outdoor.
Last but not least you can personalize the rim and the seat-post clamp of your unicycle. You can change their colour choosing one of the 13 made in Italy colours we propose. Also the MADapter can be of the colour you choose among the 6 colours you find HERE.
A Unicycle of high Quality with the BEST Quality-Price Ratio

Which our goal?
The URC by Mad4One in CrMo are designed with a larger audience in mind. We closely studied the balance between QUALITY and price to be able to provide the BEST Quality-Price Ratio you can find on the market, however with the same FLEXIBILITY you know from Mad4One.
We will do our Best to build your unicycle as you like and .... dream!
Having the appropriate tool is the first step for aspiring athletes to achieve their goals. This is our spirit!
We wish you great riding with Mad4One and  URC by Mad4One.

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Your needs in safe hands

The Advantages with Mad4One



​    Tailor-made Unicycles


    Advices and Support, before and after your Purchase,  24/24H, 7/7


​    Worldwide Delivery


    Direct Contact with the Producer of your Unicycle


    High-level Competence and Reliability

Your satisfaction is important for us.
We are proud to put our Know-how at your disposal,
to make sure, you will be happy for long time.


  • Ideal for: expert
  • Price range: from 250 to eur 399
  • Wheel size: 406mm 20"
  • Hub: ISIS
  • Cranks length: 80
  • Designed for brake: No
  • Seatpost diameter: 25,4

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