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Here our interviews, the questions we have put and what the World Top-Riders of today

have told us about their life, their experience and their passion.

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Delivery worldwide

in ITALY Eur 1,00  -  in all EU-Countries Eur 4,00  -  in all extra-EU-Countries Eur 29,00

Direct customer contact

We personally design and develop our custom unicycles. We know everything there is to know about them
and we are always here to help - before and after your purchase. Click HERE to know more about our services.


Tailor-made unicycles

Mad4One values your unique style and vision for your riding.
Through continuous technical research and development, we offer top-range unicycles made to your liking.


Best quality - Best price

Direct sales cut out the middleman between producer and consumer.
This lets us offer you extremely high flexibility and better quality for the price you pay.


All our wheels are handcrafted by us

in our factory

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All our ALU frames and parts are anodized

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Installation and Maintenance

Instructions are always delivered with the unicycle. However, if you miss them please see below




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VITALBER s.a.s. di Marco Nicola Vitale & Co.

Regstered Office : via Lazzaretto 21, 21025 Comerio, Italy

Production: via del Riveccio 33, 21100 Varese, Italy


VAT Nr. 05949490964

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