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About Us

The Company


Vitalber s.a.s. di Marco Nicola Vitale & Co. was established in Varese, Italy in 2007.

Since the beginning, the Company specialized in the design and manufacture of unicycles 
and unicycle-spare parts for RACING, where every detail is studied and designed for 
the best efficiency and performance, and the materials and solutions chosen 
have the main goal to create top-range products.

Over the years we developed 6 different types of hubs, 34 types of cranks
(5-Pin, 6-Pin Short, 6Pin Long, 10-Pin ISIS compatible, ISIS), most of them designed 

and produced by CNC mechanical Centers in Italy. 



In 2010 Vitalber launched the brand Mad4One 

which is the concrete result of this continuous technical research and improvement.
High quality and innovation in unicycles and spare-parts, together with flexibility
in offering as much as possible customized Products, this is the strength of our Company.

Over the years we developed partnerships in Italy with mechanical laboratories and 
wheel-producers known worldwide in the motorcycle sector, Enduro and Bike. 
Thanks to these important collaborations we acquired high know-how 
in the implementation of innovative technical solutions as well as design.



Based on this experience in 2015 we started the Project URC, a new family of unicycles, 
totally designed by Vitalber s.a.s.

The URC family will appear on the market beginning of 2016. It has been thought for a 
wider market; the correct balance between quality and price has been carefully studied,
however, our approach has not changed: the materials and solutions chosen have to put 
our Product always among the best of its category; the flexibility in offering a high level 
of customization must be always granted to the Client.
These characteristics are and should be also in the future our plus.


This is the spirit that gave life to MAD4ONE, this is the spirit that now is launching URC.


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Our Shop-on-Line, Your Choice


Our shop is specialized in unicycles. Here you will find a wide range of Products.

We believe that in order to achieve goals in sport one of the priorities is to have the right tool.

In our shop you will not find products at low or extremely low prices, here you find the information needed in order to understand what you really need.

The comments and advices you find in each Product-Category should support and lead you to the correct and appropriate choice.

The unicycle for all seasons does not exist. The unicycle is a simple, however, not eclectic tool, and the disciplines where a unicycle can be used are really various.



Your needs in safe hands

The Advantages with Mad4One



    Tailor-made Unicycles


Advice and Support, before and after your purchase,  24/24H, 7/7


    Worldwide Delivery


    Direct Contact with the Producer of your unicycle


    High-level of competence and reliability

Your satisfaction is important for us.
We are proud to put our Know-how at your disposal,
to make sure, you will be happy for





You can't buy happiness,
but buying a unicycle it's pretty close...
Let's join UNARUOTA.COM and MAD4ONE in


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