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The Cranks Mad4One, all made in ERGAL AL7075

6-Pin, 6-Pin Short, 10-Pin, ISIS MAD-Tecno 1,2,3 holes, ISIS AGILE 1,2,3 holes

choose whichever you see fit for your style





General Information

Cranks differ first in the shape of the interlocking that connects cranks to the hub. We have:

  • Standard cotterless
  • Standard ISIS
  • NON Standard (or proprietary)


What is meant by NON standard or proprietary interlocking shape?

It is similar to the ISIS ones, but different in size, so that cranks and hubs have to be of the same manufacturer and must have the same design. With the definition "proprietary" we understand that the system is used only by a producer. It is the contrary of "standard", which means that the product is "open" and can be used also with elements from third parties.

Among the "proprietary" ones we have:

  • the old Splined QuAx
  • KrisHolm Onza 2005
  • QX Q-Axle
  • Mad4One 6-Pin
  • Mad4One 6-Pin Short


The Mad4One 6-Pin Short

The Mad4one's track racing unicycle RACE REVOLUTION, developed in 2011 (5 gold medals at the World Championship 2012 in Bressanone - UNICON XVI), and further improved in 2018 (8 gold medals with Niklas Wojtek and Alina Czimek at the World Championship 2018 in South Korea - UNICON XIX), has a specifically designed interface.

Why have we moved away in this case from the ISIS concept and therefore from a standard approach?
To increase the effectiveness of the force we apply when we push on the pedals, it was necessary to reduce the distance of the feet from the center. To achieve this, we developed a hub-crank interface that is less bulky than the ISIS one. Click HERE to read more.


A couple of issues we should care of


1. The building methods

  • Steel, the quality depends on the type of steel used
  • Aluminum without steel compass for pedals
  • Aluminum with steel compass for pedals
  • Tubular Steel

2. the Q-factor

The higher is the Q-factor, the better is the lateral static balance, not so important in unicycling where the lateral balance is most of time a dynamic balance.
The lower is the Q-factor, the more accurate and powerfull will be your riding and you will move easier on one foot too.
As in cycling, with the improvements of the performances we are also seeking the best fluidity and this means to have a Q-factor near zero.
As regards the cranks: the Q-Factor will be equal to zero if the cranks are at 90oC with respect to the hub. In this case, a further improvement of the Q-Factor is only possible if we mount a narrower hub. Racers and freestylers often mount 90 mm hubs or less, instead of the standard 100mm.

Click HERE for more infos on Q-Factor.



The Cranks Mad4One - all in ERGAL AL7075-T6

We have a consolidated know-how in the design and development of Unicycle spare-parts mainly for competition.

Up to now, we have developed 5 different types of mechanical coupling (5-Pin, 6-Pin, 6-PinShort, 10-Pin, ISIS standard) and more than  30 types of cranks in different lengths and with different coupling systems.


The Cranks Mad4One made in Italy - ERGAL 7075-T6

Over the years we developed a valid partnership with innovative CNC mechanical Centers in Italy, where the  MAD4ONE Cranks made in Italy have been designed and produced.

Thanks to this collaboration the Product has been as much as possible optimized and we achieved a valid balance between weight and fatigue.

In 1010-2012 Mad4One brought to the market the 6- and 10-Pin MAD4ONE cranks are the right Product for RACING, where the best efficiency and performance are required, in spite of the duration of the product (let's think of  the Formula1's Rally. Here some strategic components have a limited lifetime, however, their characteristics are crucial to achieve the goal).

The MAD4ONE 10-Pin Cranks are 100% compatible with any ISIS-Hub and are made by CNC in  ERGAL Alloy 7075.

The 6-Pin is MAD4ONE proprietary solution, compatible only with 6-Pin parts produced by MAD4ONE.

6-Pin Hub 100mm,  6-Pin Disc Hub 100mm, 6Pin cranks.

The 6-Pin differ from the 10-Pin in the diameter of the hub axle. The ISIS hubs have a diameter of 22mm, the 6Pin a diameter of 25mm. Thanks to the larger diameter, the 6-Pin can be made out of ALU ERGAL 7075 and this gives them all necessary mechanical characteristics to be the perfect crank for Trial - Street - Flat- Muni.

Our tests have shown that the ISIS Hub made out of the same material (the strongest Aluminum Alloy available on the market) can be used in Freestyle and Competition without problems. However its behavior changes when the unicycle is under heavy stress: we have experienced that it is enough to make10 DH-drops of about 100 cm with cranks of 140mm and a 75-kg rider to break the Hub. On the contrary the 6-Pin Hub can be used also in the most extreme Trial,  without problems.

Now a last consideration on the concept "components for Competition": the Aluminum used (ERGAL 7075) has specific mechanical characteristics that enable us to produce hubs relevantly light, however strong enough. If the material is stressed close to the possible max. load, Aluminum (contrary to steel) resists less. In fact, each time load is near to the max. values,  we have invisible micro-cracks in the Aluminum. If stress lasts, the material suddenly breaks, even if the load has never exceeded the max. possible value. Unfortunately, it is not possible to determine the lifetime "under stress" of a material, because it depends on many factors which are difficult to detect and calculate.

According to our experience also the lightest cranks we have developed have last more than enough in Competition and in Training. The lightest ones have usually lasted 3-6 months. The following version, slightly heavier, has lasted 18 months if used in the worst situations. The actual version is relevantly more robust.

For the 6-Pin Hub it is very important that the cranks are properly mounted. To read more click HERE .


The Mad4One cranks MAD-TECNO - ERGAL 7075-T6 - ISIS

2016 we introduce our line of forged standard ISIS cranks: the MAD-Tecno. They are available in the following versions: 1, 2 or 3 holes. Good balance between functionality-price-robustness.

Click  HERE to read some of the comments made by Top riders who first tried the cranks MAD-Tecno.


Marco Vitale “These cranks born in my mind as training cranks, strong enough to resist any kind of “mistreatment” for long time, however not so expensive. The pedal thread is an important issue. We experienced, that nothing wrong happens to the thread, if you tighten your pedals in the proper way, but it is enough to ride once wit...h loose pedals, that you rip the thread. Now, after the first tests on the TECNO cranks I’ve learned, that Shape and Design are more important than the pure weight. Many testers have reported that the TECNOs’ weight is similar to the one of the old heavy cranks, but they work close to the lightest Mad4one, and their stiffness makes you feel more safe. Thank you to the MAD TEAM, that testing our products always helps us to improve!".


The Mad4One cranks AGILE - ERGL 7075-T6 - ISIS

2018 we bring the Mad4One AGILE to the market. They come out of the same aluminum mold of the MAD-Tecno, therefore made of ERGAL AL7075, the aluminum alloy that offers the highest strength and stiffness). The Tecno are then beveled while the Agile are further milled with different CNC machining that optimize the weight without compromising the strength (they are -30% lighter than the MAD-Tecno).

We tried to reduce as much as possible the Q-Factor and we succeeded :) In fact, the AGILE are narrower than the ISIS-standards. Their Q-Factor (the distance between the outside of one crankarm to the outside of the other crankarm measured at the points of the threaded portion where the pedal axle attaches) has been reduced by 3mm per side, i.e. a total of 6mm.

‚ÄčThe strength points of the project AGILE? Stiffness and lightness

We have developed 4 types of types:

  • the AGILE 125mm for RACE
  • the AGILE 135mm for TRIAL
  • the AGILE with 2 or 3 holes (110-130 or 117-138-159mm) for MUNI and for STREET (the 2 holes version).


All Mad4One cranks made of aluminum alloy ERGAL AL7075 are anodized in the 14 made in Italy colors you see below.







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