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Pedals for your Unicycle



One of the most stressed parts in the unicycle is the pedal. Every time your unicycle falls, at least one of your pedals is hit by something or bumps into something.

According to many riders the pedals are considered consumables and their replacement is normal and can be even scheduled.
On the other hand, we have to say, that in recent years the quality of the pedals has greatly improved.

There are plastic pedals (mandatory for indoor and on athletics track) and metal pedals, the latter usually made of Aluminum.

The pedals for outdoor have often metal pins that can be (theoretically) removed or replaced. In fact the pins are often damaged and deformed after an intense use, and it is not easy to remove and replace them.
The metal pins are used to increase the grip with the shoes.

Another important aspect is the thickness of the pedal.
The thinner the pedal is the closer will be the sole to the pedal axle. This increases the perception and reactivity improving the balance.

Pedals with metal pins may be very sharp if they impact against your legs, so make sure you always wear adequate protections.

Some plastic pedals are still very robust and well suited to training sessions and/or excursions even without leg guards.

All our pedals are of size 9/16.



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