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The unicycle saddle, a traditional one or the HandleSaddle


If you’re considering a new unicycle seat (more properly known as a saddle), it’s likely because the one you’re currently riding on is uncomfortable. Comfort is a common issue, especially among new unicyclists, and one solution is to get a new saddle that’s better suited to the type of riding you do and your body mechanics.

The comfort of the saddle is definitely subjective, there are saddles for trial, freestyle, long trips .... let's say, for all specialties!

In Trial, Flat and Street it is important the easy handling of the saddle because it will be used as "handle" to better manage the unicycle. For this reason the thinner it is, the more comfortable it will be.

In Freestyle the saddle should be as flat as possible to make easier the In and Out with a high saddle.

For long trips it is important that we adjust our saddle as much as possible with the front part upwards so that we do not slip and rub against the saddle.

Remember that if you want to reduce the weight of your saddle you can replace the inside with a carbon one, lighter and more resistant than plastic!

Below the measures of the standard attack used in all saddles today available on the market.


There is also a different attack with different measures, usually used for cheap products made for the Asiatic market.

If you want to change the saddle and you have a different attack you have to change also the seat-post, pay attention to the diameter of the seat-post! (in general 22,2 but it can be also 25,4 or 27,2).

Below you find the TRADITIONAL SADDLES designed and produced by us under the brand Mad4One and URC, both in the version SLIM and COMFORT and in the colors actually available.





2017/18 Mad4One develops and tests and in 2018 it produces a new saddle, surely revolutionary for the unicycle, called HandleSaddle.

The traditional plastic structure with bumper and cushion is abandoned, which is not particularly stiff and strong and in some disciplines is even felt too bulky. Priority is given to the "easy catch", the "manageability" and the "freedom of movement".

It is a new concept of saddle that Mad4One brings today on the market, with a weight nearly half of the one of a traditional saddle, however stiff and strong as a traditional saddle with a carbon base, compared to which it is still lighter.

This is the HandleSaddle of Mad4one that we introduce in the following versions:

  • BASE S (short 35 cm)
  • BASE M (medium 43 cm)
  • BASE L (long 51cm)

Available in the following finishes:

  • the pure BASE that everyone can customize according to his/her needs and style
  • Trial-Flat Finish
  • Muni & Race Finish
  • Road & Distance Finish

Here we introduce you the HandleSaddle, its features and all the variants we have developed.

Click here to read more about  The HandleSaddle

Would you like to see some great videos? Click here Video Flatland, Mountain Unicycling & HandleSaddle

Here we tell you how to mount the cusion and the cover correctly  Instructions to mount cover and cusion. 


The Mad4One HandleSaddle for Speed on Track


Thanks to the precious collaboration we had with the Mad4One Race Team we were able to develop and refine our HandleSaddle for Speed on Track.

Here the first comments of the race champions Niklas Wojtek, Noah Leber, Simon Rodler and Adreas Richter, who tested our HandleSaddle for RACE.

Click here to read the  Interview with the Mad4One RACE Team.



To switch from a traditional saddle to the HandleSaddle is not an immediate step


It is somehow a revolution that needs constancy, will and .... you must believe, that you will succeed. The advantages are just around the corner.

From the experience of some Expert Riders:

"...... put aside your old saddle and start riding on the HandleSaddle, let's train, do not go back to the old one, though it will seem to be easier. At the beginning,you will feel strange, but believe me, just go on, ..... a new "world" will open in front of you.....".


If you want to go the the saddle spare-parts click here: Saddle Spare parts. 



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