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Seat Posts

The seatpost is a component that is highly stressed both in the normal use and in case of fall.
If you are using handles and saddles with hand supports the stress on the seat post increases heavily.
For this reason stiffness is very important.
What to check:
The interface between saddle and seat post
There are several standards on the market:
The Western Standard has 4 holes 15x62 mm, rather close to each other
The Eastern Standard has holes that are decidedly more distant from each other.
Second thing to check is the diameter
 if you fail and then does not go into your frame or slips inside?! 
Standard sizes are: 22.2   25.4   27.2 
There are also seat post shim like this one:
In our sport some saddles adopt the bicycle standard and others a proprietary and patented standard mainly used on BMX (Pivoting).
The inclination of the saddle is important for comfort. We have decided to focus on stiffness.
For this reason we have developed a fixed but 2 degrees inclined support, which may be used in one or the other direction.
This offers a wide range of possible adjustments. 



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