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Shimano Disc brakes




We have decided to propose the Shimano's hydraulic disc brake systems because they are very modular in braking, precise and of quality.

We do not say that they are the absolute best choice, but experience tells us that they offer excellent modulation, ensure a reliable, consistent, stress-free braking performance and are well appreciated by a wide range of riders with different braking styles.

Here are the Shimano disc brake systems we offer and mount on our Mad4One and URC unicycles.

Choose the one that best suits your riding and braking style.


Before moving on to the products please click HERE. It's a summary of all Shimano disc brake systems we propose.




Shimano M4100 and M6100 disc brake leer now with

4 piston caliper give you mo’ power, mo’ modulation


The Shimano Deore brake systems are now available in four-piston versions, too. It features the same tech as the two-piston version and looks nearly identical to the rest of Shimano's four-piston brakes, but it’s not the same.

Click HERE to read more.



We have recently updated our offer giving you small advantage in terms of performance and costs:

• Kit 6100 replaces Kit 6000 and the price moves from Eur 90.00 to Eur 75.00
• Kit 4100 4 pistons has a better disc (RT76) and costs Eur 10,00 less
• The Shimano ZEE brake is not currently available, we offer instead Kit M8100 4 pistons, which is much more modern and similar to the ZEE in terms of performance.





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