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Gift Certificate



The Gift Certificate

The Gift Certificate is a useful idea, especially when you do not know exactly what to buy as a gift. It is the perfect present for a birthday, Christmas or an anniversary, it is also suitable for competition prizes or giveaways.

But, which is the validity of the Gift Certificate?
The Gift Certificate has a validity of 12 months from the date of issue. The recipient will receive from us an email with the exact expiry date of the Gift Certificate so that he knows the amount of time he has to use it.
May I decide the value of the Gift Certificate?

Yes, the gift certificate can be customized in value. Here you
find some proposals, but if you would like to send a Certificate with a specific value, kindly send an email to with the value you wish to give as a gift. Within 2 hours we will send you per email the link to the Certificate you requested so that you can order it.

The Gift Certificate has 1-year validity from date of issue.
• The Gift Certificate once activated is redeemable for Products bought online in the shop or directly at our store in Varese;
• It can be redeemed in whole or for part of a purchase;
• The amount must be spent in full by date of expiry (being 12 months from the date of issue);
• The Gift Certificate cannot be reloaded, returned, exchanged for cash, canceled or replaced if lost, stolen or damaged;
• No refund, credit or cash will be given for any unused amount;
• When you decide to use your Gift Certificate consider that if you buy
online you will have also the delivery costs. If you do not want to pay additional money pay attention to buy something that is within the Certificate's value including delivery.
It takes only 10 minutes and a simple click …. and your loved person will receive it!
In this website under INFORMATION, GIFT CERTIFICATE F.A.Q. you find all useful information about how to buy a Gift Voucher, etc. If you have doubts or you need additional information do not hesitate to contact us.


How to reach us 7/7:

Mobile. +39 335 271279


Image Item Name Price
Gift Voucher 30

Gift Voucher 30


Gift Voucher 50

Gift Voucher 50


Gift Voucher 75

Gift Voucher 75


Gift Voucher 100

Gift Voucher 100


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