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Mad4One Free of Charge Check-Up & Service

for Unicycles of all Brands



Helping Your Unicycle to Last for Years

Click HERE for more info about this service. If you are interested in this service please contact us:

Marco Vitale
Tel. : +39 335 6042430
English - Italian

Amedea Bruni
Tel. : +39 335 271279
German - English - Italian
Francesco Luoni
English - Italian
we will send you per Email the Check-Up Chart to fullfil and send us in advance before the unicycle is delivered to us.




Your wheel is handcrafted by us in our lab in Italy with high quality components


Each wheel is carefully checked before delivery.

On the inner side of the rim you will find a label stating :

  • the date on which your wheel has been handcrafted,
  • the signature of the person of our Team, who has built and controlled your wheel.



Depending on the size and the expected use of the wheel (muni, trial or freestyle, race, etc.), we lace it 3 or 4 cross.

The components are always of high quality.

Before delivery to the final customer, all our Unicycles and Parts go through the final check to ensure full reliability of our Products.

We assemble the Unicycles, mount all parts, verify that everything works properly. Then the Unicycle is dismounted, packed and delivered.


click HERE to know more about "How to lace a wheel, 3- or 4-cross".

click HERE to know more about "Wheel tentioning".








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