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MUNI (Mountain Unicycles)

Mountain unicycles 20", 24",  26",  27.5"  and  29"


We have two mountain unicycle product lines: unicycles with steel frames (URC), and aluminum frames (Mad4One).

Our smallest mountain unicycle (Muni) wheel is a 20” for young riders, the Mini-Muni. The Mini-Muni is small but powerful, with all the features of our bigger wheels.

Following the Mini-Muni, there are two intermediate sizes, the 24" and the 26". Lightweight and easy to control, they are the perfect size for young boys and girls who are still growing.

Finally, we have the classic sizes of 27.5" and 29", the best choices for Downhill (DH) and Cross-country (XC) riding.


Why such a wide range of sizes?
The size of the frame - and consequently of the wheel - must be chosen not only according to riding styles, but also with consideration of the physical stature of the rider. A proper fit will result in better control, and thus better riding.

Because the size of the frame is so important, you must first discover which size fits your needs. If you are unsure of the proper way to determine this, click here   The size of the frame.

The second step is to know which wheel size can be mounted on your chosen frame.Click here The size of the wheel to know which wheel sizes can be mounted on each URC and Mad4One frame.


Once you have your frame and wheel size picked out, you are ready to look at the different configurations. Before we proceed, feel free to look at the features of different wheel sizes from the Muni 20" up to the 29" .



Mad4One is the TOP of the range for mountain unicycling. This is confirmed by the great results achieved by many Top Muni Riders around the world, who have won many World Champions on their Mad4One Munis. The Mad4One Munis are reliable, stiff, and durable, which makes for safe riding and gives value to your purchase. Want to know more about the design, shape, thicknesses and material used to build the Mad4One frames? Clickhere The Mad4One's frames, the reasons of our choices.

Wee have also put together the "Mad4one medal table", which we are particularly proud of. It's the list of the best results achieved by riders who have attended the last World Champions riding a Mad4One muni. Click  the Mad4One's medals  to access this page. There, you will also find two very nice videos that unicyclists Florian Rabensteiner and Ben Soja have kindly made for us.



The URC unicycle frames are designed with a larger audience in mind. We have tried to balance the quality and price, to be able to provide economical unicycles and parts that are among the best in their category. URC unicycles offer the same customizability you know from Mad4One. Our wide selection is unchanged: the steel alloy CrMo-4130 frame, the wide range of cranks and hubs from cotterless to ISIS-Disc, the rich choice of Shimano disc brakes, the single- or double-walled rims; our URC part selection is unmatched. Our aim is to enable you to “build” your unicycle as you really wish, without overstepping your budget.



For both URC and Mad4One frames, here are the “series” that we have (all of which are fully customizable):

  • FAT: frame and rim are suitable for tires ranging in width from 3.00inch to 4.00inch. This setup works well for both our steel (URC) and aluminum (Mad4One) Munis.
  • MONTAGNA: this setup is only in the steel (URC) product lines, with wheel sizes of 26”, 27.5” and 29”.This unicycle already includes the best options as regards hub, cranks, rim and tire.  
  • WRC REPLICA. WRC stands for World Champion. This setup is only in the aluminum (Mad4One) Muni.  It is a working replica of the 27.5" mountain unicycle that Florian Rabensteiner, the undisputed Muni world champion, used in DH competitions at UNICON 2016 and 2018. The WRC Replica differs from the Florian’s Muni only in the saddle. While, for XC, Florian prefers the Mad4One 29” with the Mad4One HandleSaddle, in DH he uses his Mad4One 27.5" with a custom, home-made saddle in carbon without cushion.



Are you a tall rider and need a longer frame?

No problem! On the Mad4One Muni you can mount the Mad4One Long-Neck, available in size M and L.

To view this frame, click here: Mad4One Long Neck.


At Mad4One, the setup of your Muni is in your hands. We pride ourselves in allowing you to choose the options you would like with the simple click of a button.





We have decided to mount on our Mad4One and URC unicycles the Shimano's hydraulic disc brake systems because they are very modular in braking, precise and of quality.

We do not say that they are the absolute best choice, but experience tells us that they offer excellent modulation, ensure a reliable, consistent, stress-free braking performance and are well appreciated by a wide range of riders with different braking styles.


Here an overview of all Shimano disc brake systems we propose:  The Shimano disc brakes . Choose the one that best suits your riding and braking style.




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