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The Mad4One Road Unicycles

From 24" to 29" and then, if you wish, 32" and 36" ...


Also here we offer two product lines, the steel and the aluminum one. But let’s look it more closely:


24” to 29” URC Road Unicycles - steel frame and cotterless hub and cranks

The right unicycle if you are wanting to try riding a little bit of distance, especially for those who are starting to get passionate about this discipline and are looking for a good quality, reliable unicycle at a very reasonable price.


24” to 29” URC Road Unicycles - steel frame and ISIS hub and cranks

Designed to be perfect for intermediate-advanced level riders who have a powerful and fast riding style. A great all round unicycle of really good quality, strong and reliable.


29” URC Roadrunner - steel frame, ISIS hub and cranks and Shimano disc brake

For those who prefer long trails with up- and downhill.



27.5" and 29" Mad4One Hybrid Roadrunner

Aluminum frame, ISIS hub and cranks, Shimano disc brake

Dual function, a step forward in the dynamics of off-road riding

Why Hybrid?

Because it's exactly what it sounds like – the Hybrid Roadrunner is a mix of the TOP of the range mountain unicycle and a very interesting, high quality, strong lightweight road unicycle. It is suitable for riding on various terrains and mounts high end components which make a massive difference in your happiness on the unicycle:

  • the VEE SpeedSter 27.5 and 29” tire, designed for high speed and minimal rolling resistance on hardpack and paved terrain,

  • MADTecno cranks, super strong or the Agile ones, strong as the MADTecno however lighter in weight,

  • A wide range of Shimano disc brakes, from the M4100 to the M820 Saint.

Mad4One's new Hybrid, driving it is a real pleasure




We build it for you as we did in 2018 for Mjriam Lips. Mjriam wanted a geared Mad4One 32” to train and break the 100 km world record. We did it. She delivered us the Schlumpf hub, as well as rim, spokes and tire. We handcrafted the wheel, mounted the Mad4One aluminum frame, size L, the MADTecno 2 holes 110-130mm cranks, the Mad4One XXL seatpost and the Mad4One HandleSaddle size L. Before delivery we tested the 32" here in Varese with Mirjam and then her training did start.



Mjriam took on the 100km track world record on September 19th, 2020 at the military airport in Emmen near Luzern, Switzerland. She completed the 20 laps of the track in 3 hours, 45 minutes and 53 seconds. She has not only beaten her previous world record, she is now also very close to the male world record! 

Here the link to the Mad4One frame, size L, we mount on the 32" wheel: FRAME L.



One of the Mad4One Spring 2021 novelties will be the Mad4One aluminum frame 36”.

Here we will offer the same service we do for the 32”.


However, if you wish, you can simply buy the frame and assemble the unicycle yourself.





We have decided to mount on our Mad4One and URC unicycles the Shimano's hydraulic disc brake systems because they are very modular in braking, precise and of quality.

We do not say that they are the absolute best choice, but experience tells us that they offer excellent modulation, ensure a reliable, consistent, stress-free braking performance and are well appreciated by a wide range of riders with different braking styles.


To know more about the Shimano disc brakes available at Mad4One click here Shimano disc brakes . Choose the one that best suits your riding and braking style.






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