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Tips & Tricks

In „Tipps & Tricks“ you will find our manuals with helpful information and useful advices in order to mantain and keep your unicycle and its parts in good shape. Here you find also some in-depth technical documents.

How to replace the tire? How to mount the cover of our HandleSaddle?  We will answer all these questions and much more. 

Step by Step to the goal

In our manuals we explain how to proceed, step by step. You just have to do it.
If something is not clear, or you need help, do not hesitate to contact us.
Just write a short email to and we will answer you asap.


The manuals

How we developed the Mad4One's frames. The reasons of our choices


The HandleSaddle, the most lightweight and durable Saddle


All our aluminum components are anodized, here the reason of our choice


The new unicycle has arrived: read first the instructions for use that you find in the box

Some important measurements: the right saddle height, my leg length, what seatpost length do I need

How to inflate the tire of your unicycle for the first time


How to change the tire of my freestyle

How to change the tire on a single-wall rim

We replace the seat cover of our Handle Saddle

How to mount the 6-pin cranks

How to mount the pedals PUSH-N2, VP 532-MIRAGE and MADPRO-015

Wheel tentioning

How to lace a wheel













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