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Tips & Tricks


Here are the Tips of the month


 In the last few months we have tried to “put on paper” our experiences and knowledge.

Then we have packed everything into practical manuals and technical documents.

Some are more in-depth product information than others, but all of them help us to explain and share with you the reasons of our choices.

You will find all this here: TIPS & TRICKS.



Today let's dwell on ....


How to mount the 6-Pin cranks

This is all you need. Now let's mount pins and spacers. The next steps is to mount the hub. Only 2 turns.
Move the pins forwards to touch the spacer... read more 


Anodizing, the reason of our choice

All our aluminum frames and parts are anodized. The broad-based benefits of the anodized finish satisfy most of the factors that must be considered when selecting a high performance aluminum finish. Its advantages go beyond aesthetics ... read more 




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