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26" URC Mountain Unicycle - Fat

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Mountain unicycle 26" x 4.00, steel alloy frame CrMo-4130

Hub and cranks ISIS, disc brake mounting tabs, rim single wall or reinforced

Freeride, fun off-road, adventure


Wheel size: 559 mm 26" x 4.00

Color: silver, pink. Compared to the previous version (black-red-sea green) this batch has been designed with a 5mm wider clearance (2,5mm each site). This new design is ideal for FAT tire x 4.00.
Here the link to the colors of the frame: FRAME
Technical features
Frame: Steel Cr-Mo 4130 (chrome molybdenum steel), thanks to this alloying elements it has an excellent strength to weight ratio and is considerably stronger and harder than not alloyed steel , round, with Disc Brake Attack (Disc and braking system excl.). Size M.
Seat post:  steel 25.4mm
Seat Clamp: double bolt in one of the 14 made in Italy colors:
Saddle: Mad4One Comfort or Mad4One Slim black or white or Handle Saddle M or S. Please note that you do not find in the photos all options we propose here. For more infos about the saddle you may mount: SADDLE. If you have questions or doubts, do not hesitate to contact us.
Wheel: all our wheels are handcrafted by us in our labs in Italy. For more info please click here: WHEELS.
Rim: 26", Alu 46mm reinfornced (double wall) rim. We propose it in black, but if you wish another color, please go to the site RIMS, choose the color and confirm it putting a note in your order.
Hub: Mad4One Disc ISIS
Spokes: 36 spokes, carbon steel, four cross spoke pattern.
Bearing-holder: 42mm
Tire: Vee Mission Rubber rigid  26 x 4.00.
Cranks: Unicycle stuff 140 mm. With surcharge you can mount the cranks Mad-Tecno or AGILE. Here the link to our cranks: CRANKS.
Pedals: plastic pedals with large sole, Penta BX, VP532 mirage, Push N2.
Weight: 6,590 kg including Brake-System
As stated above, the frame has already the disc brake mounting tabs and the ISIS Disc hub.
Have you in mind to mount your HandleSaddle laterally? In this case a brake system with an openable brake clamp is the right choice.​

A 26" steel mountain unicycle of high quality with the BEST quality-price ratio.

Here BEN SOJA's comments on our URC 26-INCH after his Tour in South Africa (19.3. - 28.3.16)
" ....... The URC 26×4” unicycle I got from my sponsor Mad4One held up very well to all challenges on the way. During the adventure, I didn’t get a single flat tire and it survived all big drops and rugged terrain very well. For a steel frame and huge tire, the weight (under 7 kg) is very impressive – no problem to finish rides of 50 km or to carry it up a mountain on your back. I can highly recommend it as a great all-around unicycle....."
25.4mm in steel.  It is cheap and  just a little more heavy  compared to the ALU version. Steel is however more resistant.
Also the frame is in CrMo. it is a little more heavier than the ALU version, however more robust. The URC frame is the only one in CrMo with the Disc Brake mounting tabs. The URC Mountain Unicycle is available in 3 sizes: S, M, L. Here we have size M and you can mount wheels up to 28x2.50. The great versatility of this frame allows you to purchase 1 Mountain Unicycle with perhaps 2 different wheels, each one for a specific purpose.


- projected and assembled in Italy with high quality components and innovative mounting schema.
- four cross spoke pattern that  gives high stability to the wheel.
- Spokes and nipples in carbon steel which ensure a high mechanical strength and durability.​
- Important Plus is given by the Mad4One ISIS disc hub.


The range of Shimano disc brakes we offer is extremely wide.
In order to see all details of the solutions available on our shop here's the link: SHIMANO.
Do you have doubts? Do not hesitate to contact us (email: or WhatsApp +393356042430). We are at your disposal 7/7 and we will be happy to help you make the right choice.



the large volume of air makes our riding much more smooth, even on rough terrains. Combined with a large (but not too much) Rim (47 mm) the tire form becomes more rounded and easy to use, even when cornering.
You will have high comfort and great fun! If you like speed, nothing prevent you from mounting a more traditional tire (do not hesitate to ask, we will make the  change).


Excellent quality, in plastic with large sole, very robust however without metallic Pins.



It has been designed for beginners through experts. Ideal for Mountain Unicycle-Road, as well as Hockey and Basket. Contrary to the traditionally ones, this saddle comes with a gentle curve to reduce front pressure. Very good price/performance ratio. The integrated handle provides high comfort (no hole, more security and more space for the fingers).




Leg length: 75 cm min.




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5 of 5 Stars
This is my I.muni and it is amazing! I considered probably a dozen different models/size options and read as many reviews as I could find before I finally decided on this one. I love the fat tire!! It is a little bit harder to maneuver quickly than the smaller tires on my road unis, which I expected, but I’m already getting used to it after just a few rides. The way it absorbs rocks, tree roots, curbs and all kinds of uneven terrain is well worth it. I had heard that wide tires may cause issues with rubbing against your legs but I haven't had any problems or even noticed it. The cro-moly frame is well made and the reinforced wheel and cranks are very strong and will undoubtedly hold up to anything I plan to do with it. I may end up adding a disc brake eventually but I wanted to wait and see if I would truly need one for my riding style, which is not highly technical but more cross country/trail riding.I had a lot of questions along with way and Marco was always quick to answer them an
Thomas Michl
5 of 5 Stars
I am very happy with this MUNI! The Delivery was super fast: I ordered it at noon on Friday and Tuesday at noon I could already mount on the mono. The feeling you have with this mono is excellent! I was a little skeptical about how the FAT tire would behave. However after two weeks of intense tests (DH, XC) I am really satisfied! Small asperities such as roots, large stones, etc. are overcome without problems. When cornering it is stable and does not oscillate. However I raised the pressure up to max. 1.5 bar. I ride very well with this setup. I ordered three-hole cranks. It was a very good choice: on steep, technically very difficult terrain I use the longer length (159mm). For fast routes and dishes I use the shorter ones. The normal setup is with 138mm cranks. Anyway everyone can decide what is best for him. What surprised me, however, is the riding position that you can hold despite of the Fat tire. The legs don't hit the frame, not at all. Everything perfectly normal. Only the sa


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