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26" URC Mountain Unicycle - Fat


This is my I.muni and it is amazing! I considered probably a dozen different models/size options and read as many reviews as I could find before I finally decided on this one. I love the fat tire!! It is a little bit harder to maneuver quickly than the smaller tires on my road unis, which I expected, but I’m already getting used to it after just a few rides. The way it absorbs rocks, tree roots, curbs and all kinds of uneven terrain is well worth it. I had heard that wide tires may cause issues with rubbing against your legs but I haven't had any problems or even noticed it. The cro-moly frame is well made and the reinforced wheel and cranks are very strong and will undoubtedly hold up to anything I plan to do with it. I may end up adding a disc brake eventually but I wanted to wait and see if I would truly need one for my riding style, which is not highly technical but more cross country/trail riding.I had a lot of questions along with way and Marco was always quick to answer them and offer me advice which really helped me make my final decision. Excellent customer service from start to finish!! Thanks to the whole URC team for making such amazing products. You can tell they truly care about each and every customer and it shows in their high quality craftsmanship and great customer service and support.

Thomas Michl
I am very happy with this MUNI! The Delivery was super fast: I ordered it at noon on Friday and Tuesday at noon I could already mount on the mono. The feeling you have with this mono is excellent! I was a little skeptical about how the FAT tire would behave. However after two weeks of intense tests (DH, XC) I am really satisfied! Small asperities such as roots, large stones, etc. are overcome without problems. When cornering it is stable and does not oscillate. However I raised the pressure up to max. 1.5 bar. I ride very well with this setup. I ordered three-hole cranks. It was a very good choice: on steep, technically very difficult terrain I use the longer length (159mm). For fast routes and dishes I use the shorter ones. The normal setup is with 138mm cranks. Anyway everyone can decide what is best for him. What surprised me, however, is the riding position that you can hold despite of the Fat tire. The legs don't hit the frame, not at all. Everything perfectly normal. Only the saddle, with which I am however very satisfied (softness, grip), flexes a little when I jump. It would be for me the only weak point of this "super machine" for DH. You can watch a first test on CONCLUSION: I absolutely recommend it!

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