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27.5" URC Mountain Unicycle - MONTAGNA

Linda Gock
Hi, I bought this unicycle in July 2020. It’s a great unicycle. I bought it with the saddle handle short, the saddle took a bit to get used to (and maybe medium would have been better) but I like that the handle is extremely strong.
I bought it with 3 hole cranks. I mainly leave it in the middle hole -148mm feels quite long. Maybe if I went with Mad4One Tecno 117-136 cranks it might have been better but no worries. Definitely a fun uni, I’ve got an internally mounted disc brake, sound quality all round, it has given me no issues. For me, with the 3” tyre, I ride it on road, on single track, on flowing off road tracks…. Really a versatile uni. Great size and I love riding it!

27.5" Mad4One Tecno Mountain Unicycle - Fat

Grant Wakulczyk
I bought this to be my first Muni and I love it! It tries very well, the colour is nice, and it rides like a dream. Marco's team was very helpful an answering questions and helping me customize the uni. I would highly recommend this as weel as the frame can fit many different wheel sizes. This could be the first uni you purchase and it allows you to have so many different riding possibilities. You pay a premium for the frame compared to a similar spec uni but having a hot pink anodized uni was exactly what I wanted and the colour comes out amazing!...

Iron-Mad Elite for Freestyle 20"

Jacob Page
Probably the best custom made unicycles out there, made in Italy. I am in the U.S. and there are no custom unicycle builders here that sell affordable unicycles. The other quality unicycles sold here are usually made in a Taiwan (not a bad thing), but not custom have limited options, especially during the pandemic. The price for the Iron-Mad elite is actually about the same or less than mass produced versions. I like the grippy pedals and Isis cranks. The saddle is comfortable. I am used to larger unicycles and cranks, so this will be a fun challenge. It looks like they have a new customer for my future unicycle purchases. They included a nice Christmas card, instructions and extra spokes. My only complaint they don’t seem to take credit cards from the US, as I had to money transfer. If I didn’t know they were 100% legit (they are) it would be a bigger issue. Shipping was actually faster than unicycles I bought in the US. ...

Mad4One PowerSquare Race frame

Kirkland Preston
This Powersquare Race Frame is a unique, lovely thing. The anodized finish adds bold personality to a robust yet light construction. I am in love with this frame and will be proud to add this uni to my fleet, once I get my spokes laced to my rim. Cheers - I am impressed. ...

27.5" URC Mountain Unicycle - MONTAGNA

Giannis Tsolis
I have this unicycle for months now and im very happy with my investment! The weight is perfect the seat frame and cranks are perfect super strong rim and i think i cannot find anything wrong with it... Mad4one is the only company in the world for me thats has so good quality, and the people who work and own the company are very very helpful and never get tired to give you an answer in your questions! I suggest this product with close eyes! ...

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