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Shipping and Delivery Terms



We deliver worldwide


Please Log-in to see the exact shipping costs you will be charged with



Service updates due to COVID-19 outbreak

As is well known a very serious emergency situation has arisen as a result of the declared coronavirus pandemic.
Stringent containment measures have been imposed by the Ministry of Health of the different countries.
As regards deliveries temporary suspensions and restrictions towards specific countries have been declared by some shipping agents.
The situation is however very dynamic and may change even on a weekly base due to the evolution of the pandemic in the various geographical areas of the world.
We continue to operate in line with demand and the needs of our customers and keep ourselves constantly updated on the evolution of this situation.
Furthermore, in order to ensure deliveries worldwide we have decided to widen our shipping agent choice.
This enable us to switch from one to the other agent in case of suspension of service declared by one or the other partner or in case of unacceptable delays due to the restrictions in place.



Please LOG-IN in order to know the exact delivery price you will be charged with for the material you are going to buy.



Order with a purchasing value below EUR 80.00 - the delivery cost will be EUR 9.50

Order with a purchasing value above EUR 80.00 - the delivery cost will be EUR 1.00



Order with a purchasing value below EUR 80.00 - the delivery cost will be EUR 16.00

Order with a purchasing value above EUR 80.00 - the delivery cost will be EUR 4.00



EXTRA EU-Countries

Order with a purchasing value (excl. VAT)  below EUR 150.00 - the delivery cost can vary from EUR 19.00 to EUR 29.00 depending on the country  of destination

Order with a purchasing value (excl. VAT)  above EUR 150.00 - the delivery cost can vary from EUR 29.00 to EUR 71.00 depending on the country of destination  

These are briefly the rules applied to the delivery costs, however, as said above, we kindly ask you to LOG-IN in order to see the exact cost you will pay, if you confirm your order.





Delivery to us and return in case of Maintenance Service, Check-up and Repair of your unicycle

For the time being we ask you to contact us in advance in case of delivery of your unicycle for Repair or Maintenance. We will confirm you asap the delivery cost you will pay.




How long will your shipment take to reach its destination?

Transit time may vary based on the destination postal code and the containment measures that are applied in the different countries.

Actually we record the following delivery time:

ITALY: 1 working day m pick up of the parcel from our stock.

EU COUNTRIES: 3-5 working days from pick up of the parcel from our stock.

EXTRA EU COUNTRIES: 6-10 working days  from pick up of the parcel from our stock.

However this transit time is to be considered indicative due to the actual situation.


We track your parcel up to destination

  • the shipping agent will notify you the pick-up of your parcel 
  • We will send you an email with the waybill and the delivery documents so you can track your parcel online.
  • the shipping agent will inform you in advance when your parcel is going to reach destination.
  • If you need additional information or support do not hesitate to contact us, we will be your interface with the currier until delivery is completed.




Return of goods

Please read paragr. 11 of our GSC.




Payment can be carried out as follows

  • credit card
  • bank transfer
  • only in ITALY, contrassegno.


Excellent conditions for Non-European Citizens who purchase directly at our warehouse

It's a simple, safe and fast procedure and the Italian VAT (22%) will be credited back to you.

Please click on the image for more infos about this procedure.






Pick-Up at our warehouse 

For the time being the pick up at our store of the product you purchased online may still take place but all safety measurements for the containment of the coronavirus pandemic have to be put in place.
Please contact us in advance in order to fix the appointment.


Delivery during Events

For the time being Mad4One will not attend any national or international event.



We are at your side 

For technical information, assistance or advice please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We are at your disposal



Marco Vitale  (Italian - English)

   0039 335 6042430    




Amedea Bruni  (Italian - English - German)

   0039 335 271279   








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